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Dangerous Jobs in the UK that may surprise you!

Written by Phoenix Health & Safety
18th October 2016

There are some jobs in this fine isle of ours that, on the surface, seem like perfectly mundane career paths without serious risk of injury or in some cases, death. You may have one of these jobs, so we are here to save you and let you know how much you should fear for your life. 

The Farming industry is a cruel trade to be in. It’s not all sitting on your combine-harvester and rounding up sheep with your faithful dog. Being out at all hours of the day, exposed to the elements and regularly operating heavy and often old machinery can seriously take its toll. With 160 worker fatalities over the last 5 years in the Agricultural sector, it is not something to take lightly.

Shop keepers don’t get away lightly on the injury front either. Whilst no deaths were recorded between 2012/13, there were a reported 7,000 injuries with 1,619 being major. The first thing that comes to mind would be robbery & other shop related crimes, but falls, slips, accidents and lifting injuries all contributed. 

Estate Agents are battling the front line of work related injuries and surprisingly, have been for some years. Weather it’s their shiny shoes that’s causing them to slip on freshly polished floors they are regularly visiting, or the amount of time spent in a car searching for houses in unfamiliar areas. 

Hopefully this isn’t a deterrent for any of these industries, as thankfully due to an increasing understanding of health and safety, work related injuries illnesses and fatalities as a percentage are very small, with just 144 workers killed at work in 2015/16. 

Check out the infographic below!