Epic Health & Safety fails in the movies

Everyone loves seeing a Hollywood Blockbuster mistake, also known as a ‘goof’, or ‘blooper’. So much so, the BBC made an entire documentary dedicated to ‘Great Movie Mistakes’. But when it comes to health & safety, we believe it’s only right to share some of these with you for training purposes. So sit back, relax and enjoy the movie (mistakes).



Samurai soldier gets a shock

During the final battle in The Last Samurai, Tom Cruise trots over to a group of soldiers when suddenly his horse kicks one of them in the nuggets. We hope his costume armour was enough to protect him!


Stormtrooper hits noggin

With over 3 million hits on YouTube, this clumsy Stormtrooper from Star Wars styles it out after hitting his head when entering the room. Director George Lucas said ‘instead of taking it out we added a sound effect in’. Nothing like a good old sound effect to hide the damage.


Jango takes a bango

For years, Star Wars fans thought the first Stormtrooper head bump was an accident but the Director gave this little mistake some history and a place in the universe. In Episode 2, attack of the clones - Jango Fett bonks his head after battling Obi-Wan. Jango’s lack of awareness seems to have been passed down to his clones. Nicely done Lucas.


Gas canister leaked during battle

Famous war film Gladiator forgot their health and safety protocols during the ‘Battle of Carthage’ when a chariot turns over, only to reveal a gas canister in the back! Not something you’d expect to see 180 AD - luckily no one got hurt.


Pre-trigger fingers

Hitchcock’s North by Northwest reveals a young lad concerned with the noise of a gunshot that was yet to take place during the cafe scene. He puts his fingers in his ears before they pull the trigger - we love that he was looking out for his safety in the workplace!


Classic health & safety in the 70s

All time classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1971) shows a true representation of health & safety in the 70s when the candyman invites some children into his shop for a sing-along, then manages to hit a little girl on the chin when opening the counter. That still doesn’t stop him from finishing the song - how sweet of him!


So there you have it, our favourite goofs. If you’ve got any epic movie fails up your sleeve, go to our Facebook or Twitter page and get sharing!