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How health and safety training can boost your business

Written by Phoenix Health & Safety
17th March 2017

We've created an eye-catching infographic that puts some key facts and figures at your fingertips.

Discover how many working days are lost through sickness absence. See the staggeringly high average number of days workers take off when illness or injury strikes. Gasp at the overall cost to UK companies. It's sure to get you thinking about how more productive your business could be. And we're here to help with that.


In 2015/16 How many people were affected:

  1. 1.3 million suffered work related illness
  2. 621,000 were injured at work
  3. 144 were killed at work

How much is it costing your Business?

  1. Work-Related Illness or Injury: 30.4 million days lost
  2. Work-Related Illness or Injury 2014/15: £14.1 billion lost
  3. Average Time Off per Injury or Illness: 16 Working Days

As an employer it's your legal responsibility to:

  1. Make the workplace safe
  2. Set up safe working practices and ensure they are followed
  3. Inform employees about potential workplace hazards and provide all necessary information, instructions, training and supervision
  4. Provide the right warning signs and keep them in good condition

So, the right Healthy & Safety Courses are crucial because:

  1. You're obliged to provide them
  2. Preventing injury or illness can save your business money
  3. It's a cost effective way to improve productivity

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