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  • Biggest Olympic Diving Fails

    If you’ve been tuning in to the Rio Olympics, you’ll have seen some amazing triumphs, and some incredible bloopers. Bad judgement, nerves or just sheer pressure can all result in even the most technically gifted sportsperson delivering huge fails in front of a global audience. This year, we’ve seen some crackers in the diving events - not that we could do better of course. Our belly flops are legendary in hotel swimming pools as far away as Tenerife and Fuerteventura.

    But this isn’t about us. We’re celebrating those guys and gals who bring a lighter, less serious side to the Games. Let’s look at those diving moments that we shouldn’t really laugh at, but do.

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  • Epic Health & Safety fails in the movies

    Everyone loves seeing a Hollywood Blockbuster mistake, also known as a ‘goof’, or ‘blooper’. So much so, the BBC made an entire documentary dedicated to ‘Great Movie Mistakes’. But when it comes to health & safety, we believe it’s only right to share some of these with you for training purposes. So sit back, relax and enjoy the movie (mistakes).

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  • The Green Phoenix’s Health & Safety guide to St. Patrick’s Day

    With St. Patrick’s Day upon us, we’ve been thinking about how we’re going to celebrate, and more importantly, how not to celebrate. Now we’re not ones to put a dampener on tradition, but we do have some sterling advice on how to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland without waking up with a sore head and some serious regrets.

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