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The Green Phoenix’s Health & Safety guide to St. Patrick’s Day

Written by Phoenix Health & Safety
16th March 2016

With St. Patrick’s Day upon us, we’ve been thinking about how we’re going to celebrate, and more importantly, how not to celebrate. Now we’re not ones to put a dampener on tradition, but we do have some sterling advice on how to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland without waking up with a sore head and some serious regrets.

Don’t get pinched

It is tradition to pinch anyone you see on St. Patrick’s Day who isn’t wearing green. Naturally, we would advise against participating in this brutal act – and just to play it safe, maybe wear something green to avoid any unwanted attention.

Be prepared 

Preparation is key for a big celebration, and we don’t just mean deciding the route for the pub crawl. Wherever you go, you should be sure to plan your journey home, or you could end up in a sticky situation. If you want to avoid staying out until the early hours, book your taxi in advance and ask a trusted friend to make sure you actually get in it when it arrives.

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Don’t skip your meals 

It can be easy to forget about dinner when you’re busy trying to get ready for the night ahead, but ultimately this will only shorten your night out on the razz. Why not cook up a traditional St Patrick’s Day feast of corned beef and cabbage, or shepherd's pie and Irish soda bread? Of course you’ll need to ensure that any meat is cooked through thoroughly, or you could end up cutting your night short.

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Avoid green beer

A common St Patrick’s Day tradition is to turn everything green. Food, drinks and even rivers get a dose of green colouring to mark the celebrations. But what a lot of people don’t know is that one of the dye’s often used to do this is linked to health problems such as hyperactivity, asthma, urticaria, and insomnia. E142 is a popular green synthetic coal tar dye that has been banned in many countries, aside from the UK. So think twice before ordering.

Stay hydrated 

The only thing you should be mixing your drinks with is good old fashioned H2o (no that’s not the name of a cocktail). Remember, alcohol is a diuretic, so grabbing a glass of water in between drinks is a good way to replace all the water you lose and helps to keep that dreaded headache at bay.

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Check your boots for snakes 

St Patrick might have banished snakes from the Emerald Isle, but in the UK you could still get a nasty bite from an adder. 


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