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Power up your Pokemon Go safety

Written by Phoenix Health & Safety
22nd July 2016

The latest Pokemon Go frenzy has hit the headlines as trainers explore unfamiliar, hazardous zones across the nation. In light of all the wild behaviour and excitement, we've got some Pokemon Go health and safety advice that might come in handy while you're out and about looking for Pikachu...

You'd be surprised how many bananas are lingering on our roads. The amount of times we've come across an awkward banana slip. The chance of a Pokémon Goer slipping on a wild banana has increased two fold over the past couple weeks - all due to an outbreak in newly established Pokémon trainers exploring unfamiliar, banana infested territory. If you intend on searching for a Blastoise or Bulbasaur, make sure you wear some sturdy shoes and keep an eye out for fruit based hazards!


Another almost certain by-product of catching 'em all can be the very real risk of dropping and smashing your phone whilst celebrating catching a Charizard, which can cause extreme emotional and social trauma. To avoid this, we recommend a secure phone case or a strong grip.


Something we would seriously recommend against would be gaming whilst operating with equipment or working in an unsafe environment. We realise the lengths people will go to to beat their peers to a higher level on Pokémon Go, but be safe, and call it a day before you head up a ladder in the hope of finding a PokeStop or a Gym!


Under NO circumstances is it a good idea to go on your phone whilst driving, even if it's to check if there are any rares near you. Driving to different locations to collect them can be an efficient way of getting around, but please wait until you get there before getting your phone out! Your patience will be rewarded with no bumper-to-bumper collisions, and of course, the promise of more Pokémon.


Avoid ending up like this terrified girl by not holding your phone out in the open. We recommend completely concealing your phone in a bag or pocket where it's safe. Is it worth the risk...? If she got a Mew or Mewtwo, some may think so. But in reality, we'd say not. If you've been playing the game for long enough, you'll notice that your battery has probably taken a serious hit, so the value of your phone may have dropped significantly. Nevertheless stay away from the nasty people of this world and stay inside - don't explore the world, its too dangerous.


Playing Pokémon at work can cause many issues, one of them being demonstrated very enthusiastically by this purple tie man. Make sure your concentration on safety signs is your main priority. Searching for Pokémon and actually doing your job is up to you. See the fear in this mans eyes and learn from it.


If you, like a lot of people, have knees, ankles, feet, hips or muscles that you just can't rely on to carry you over long distance, Pokémon is not for you. However, if you're feeling like a challenge and end up downloading the app, then let it be at your own risk. The repetitive strain injuries you may pick up along the way come hand-in-hand with becoming a top trainer. To avoid early symptoms of arthritis, finding someone to carry you to the locations of the Pokémon would be ideal.


Another sign based hazard here - this time, trespassing. Please try and resist the temptation of sneaking onto someone's garden because you can see a Pokémon lurking behind the fence. This can cause a lot of issues and is best to be avoided. A way to get around this may be, again, not downloading the app in the first place and accept that private property is more important than picking up a Rattata or 10.


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