COSHH Risk Assessments

Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations, organisations in the UK are required to conduct specific risk assessments for activities that involve the use of hazardous substances. These include:

  • Any chemical that has an orange warning label denoting that it is toxic or harmful
  • Biological agents, such as Legionella and HIV
  • Plants, flowers and vegetables (they can cause dermatitis)
  • Fumes or dust

COSHH Risk Assessments must consider:

  • Any hazards that are presented by the substance
  • The safety data sheet that is provided by the supplier or manufacturer
  • The likely route of exposure (for example, might the substance be inhaled, swallowed, injected)
  • The duration of exposure
  • The severity of any likely ill-effects on health, and any required first aid interventions
  • The methods used to dispose of the substance
  • Storage methods and any special fire fighting requirements

We can help with these analyses. We can do this either by conducting the assessments on your behalf or by assisting you to do them yourself by providing you with the relevant forms, examples and support.  

We can also provide COSHH risk assessment training.

If you would like further information, don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal chat.

Why Choose Phoenix Health & Safety Consultancy  

Phoenix Health & Safety are the UK’s premier providers of health and safety training and health and safety consultancy services. Operating from a head office in Staffordshire, we have consultants and training venues all around the UK, ensuring you always have local advice and training courses.

All organisations with 5 or more staff are required by law to have:

  • A documented health and safety policy
  • Documented risk assessments for all significant hazards (e.g. fire, manual handling, chemicals, electricity, equipment etc.)
  • Access to competent health and safety advice Adequate health and safety training for staff

Phoenix Health & Safety can assist with all of these areas. Our expert consultants can visit your premises and help to guide you through the ever changing maze of health and safety law.

Our services can be tailored to suit your individual needs, as and when you need it. This flexible approach offers small companies a cost-effective way to receive professional advice and support.

Large organisations can also benefit from our services. For example, our consultants can provide professional support and guidance for your in-house health and safety team or carry out one-off projects on a particular aspect of your health and safety management.

Why Choose Phoenix?

  • All of our consultants are highly qualified, have a wealth of experience and have been hand-picked for their practical and approachable manner.
  • Our consultants are based all around the UK, meaning there is always help close-by.
  • We always ensure that the advice and documentation we offer is legally- compliant and practical.
  • If required, we can use the client’s own documentation.
  • All documentation is issued electronically and includes the client’s logo.
  • We can assist clients with supplier/contractor questionnaires and documents.
  • All clients have access to our website’s online support section. From this page you can download various health and safety checklists and templates for personal use.
  • We also provide a regular newsletter to inform clients of any industry developments and changes in legislation.
  Phoenix has done what it said it would do: responded quickly, communicated effectively, made me feel confident that we knew what to do, and kept it simple.  

Peter Holloway Commercial Manager - (Cascade Consulting)