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NEBOSH International General Certificate 2014 syllabus IGC1 & GC2


NEBOSH National General Certificate 2014 syllabus NGC1 & GC2


NEBOSH National General Certificate 2019 syllabus NG1 & NG2


NEBOSH Construction Certificate Audiobook


NEBOSH International General Certificate 2019 syllabus IG1 & IG2

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Why Choose Phoenix Health & Safety Revision Learning  

Phoenix Health & Safety are the UK’s premier providers of health and safety training and health and safety consultancy services. Operating from a head office in Staffordshire, we have consultants and training venues all around the UK, ensuring you always have local advice and training courses.

Studying for NEBOSH qualifications can be tough. Health and Safety can be a dry subject if not delivered in the right way, and the amount of knowledge retention required to pass a NEBOSH course makes recalling the information very important. Simply reading and re-reading material is a limited form of taking on information, and you need to use a mixture of techniques to help the information to “sink in”.

We have developed a range of additional revision resources that can be used by NEBOSH students:

  • NEBOSH audiobooks – the entire course materials read aloud in audiobook format. You can listen to these anywhere you can take your mobile device or mp3 player – in the car, in the gym, on the train or anywhere else. Free lifetime updates are included via a secure login area.
  • Online revision modules – engaging and interactive short e-learning modules that cover all of the key points in the course along with practice exam questions, revision tips, practical exam guidance and much more.
  • Revision guides – summary versions of course material in printed or electronic format. These guides condense the course material in to what you absolutely must know, using diagrams, mind maps and more.

We are leading the industry with innovative and interactive study and revision resources:

  • A range of innovative and interactive NEBOSH revision resources

  • Course materials in audiobook format – listen and study on the move

  • Online revision modules - view on computer, tablet or mobile device

  • Labelled diagrams and pictures to bring your revision to life

  • Mind map summaries and condensed “must know” information

  • Exam question guidance and walkthroughs

  • Revision quizzes and activities

  • Practical exam guidance, tips and samples

NEBOSHWe understand how passing a NEBOSH qualification can be difficult. If not delivered in an engaging way, learning a vast amount of health and safety information can become an arduous task.

Reading course material over and over again can be a limited form of studying. Using a combination of different learning methods on the other hand, will help you to retain the information more easily and increase your chances of passing the course.

To assist candidates with their learning, we provide a range of audiobooks which include our entire course materials in audio format.

Once you have made the purchase, you will be able to access the audiobooks via a secure login portal on our website. From here, you can download the audiobooks and listen to them on the website, or transfer them onto your mp3 player and access course material on the go. With this added flexibility, you can be in control of when and how you learn, without being restricted to a computer screen.

You will also get access to free, unlimited updates, meaning you won't have to re-purchase the audiobook.

We offer the following audiobooks:

  • NEBOSH National General Certificate - £39.95 exc. VAT
  • NEBOSH National Construction Certificate - £39.95 exc. VAT
  • NEBOSH International General Certificate - £39.95 exc. VAT

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