Manual Handling Risk Assessment

The definition of manual handling is defined as the transporting or supporting of a load, by hand or bodily force.” If manual handling activities cannot be eliminated, there is a legal requirement (Manual Handling Operations Regulations) to carry out specific manual handling risk assessments.

The manual handling risk assessment should cover:

  • The TASK being carried out – for example stooping, twisting, pushing, pulling etc.
  • The INDIVIDUAL carrying out the task – for example age, health, strength etc.
  • The LOAD being carried – for example heavy, bulky, sharp, hot etc.
  • The ENVIRONMENT the task is being carried out in – for example stairs, noise, lighting etc.
  • Any other relevant factors

Here at Phoenix Health and Safety we can assist with your moving and handling risk assessment requirements. We carry out manual handling risk assessments on your behalf, or we can assist you to carry them out by providing forms, examples and support. Our moving and handling risk assessments can ensure that delegates understand the importance of manual, handling and lifting safety, and will therefore ensure they can operate carefully within the workplace.

We can also provide training in manual handling risk assessment.

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