CIEH Courses

CIEH Registered Centre The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) is a registered charitable organisation which provides professional advice and information on health and safety issues. CIEH courses offer candidates training in the fundamental aspects of health, safety and environmental protection.

At Phoenix HSC, our training courses cover all aspects essential to maintaining a safe working environment. Our CIEH training courses provide candidates with a strong understanding of various key practices and procedures concerning occupational health and safety. Candidates will be provided with valuable insight into assessing and managing various risks, as well as dealing with potential accidents and injuries, whether through risk assessments or using equipment in the correct manner. If you or a representative would like to attend one of our CIEH health and safety courses, you can contact our expert team today.

The objective of CIEH is to promote and encourage improvements pertaining to public health and environmental policy. Here at Phoenix Health & Safety, we believe that companies throughout the UK will benefit greatly from what is learned on our accredited courses. All candidates who complete the course will be awarded a certificate, which not only enhances their competencies for the current workplace but also provides a whole host of transferable skills that can be used throughout their career.

Phoenix HSC are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) to present the following courses:

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