Employee Handbook

It is a legal requirement that all employees of a business have access to sufficient health and safety information. Providing an employee health and safety handbook is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that the policies and procedures of your organisation are communicated to your staff.

As part of our offering here at Phoenix, we can provide clients with tailored employee handbooks. Our comprehensive handbooks are printed in full colour and can be branded with your company logo. We can also customise the content so that it meets your specific requirements.

Typically, our handbook will include the following key issues:

  • Direct reference to your organisation’s health and safety policy and risk assessments
  • How to report an accident or incident
  • First aid arrangements
  • Fire and emergency procedures
  • Manual handling instruction
  • Guidance on display screen equipment
  • Electrical safety arrangements
  • Guidance on hazardous substances
  • Arrangements for housekeeping
  • Work-related stress advice
  • Effective usage of personal protective equipment
  • Working at height guidance
  • Alcohol and drugs procedures
  • Guidance on driving safely
  • Arrangements for vulnerable workers, i.e expectant mothers
  • General personal safety
  • Guidance on safe use of machinery and equipment

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Please note that our employee handbooks are also included in our annual support contracts.

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