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Construction worker suicide rates are three times higher than the national average

Written by Phoenix Health & Safety
9th September 2021

Construction is the industry with the highest level of death rate, where it makes up for nearly 27% of the total workplace deaths in 20211. It also has a suicide rate three times higher than the national average for a male worker. 

These devastating statistics reveal the importance of health & safety in the workplace and how the industry requires vital changes to workplace cultures and norms.


As World Suicide Prevention Day approaches on the 10th of September, leading experts for workplace health, Phoenix Health & Safety, discuss the urgency and efforts in supporting businesses to build a robust and open culture where people feel comfortable discussing their thoughts freely.  

Nick Higginson, Managing Director at Phoenix states: 

Mental health issues in the last year alone have increased by 5% in the UK2, and with it, absence rates have increased. Mental health issues can take over 7.5 times longer to recover from than physical illnesses which paints a very clear picture on the importance of mental health and its role in maintaining a strong workforce and well-oiled business.

For HR and training specialists, it’s vital that decision-makers are freeing up internal budgets to address these issues.  Health and Safety can often be seen as a compliance tick-box as it doesn’t always address an immediate issue. Although, in the construction sector, it is already too late if things go wrong. 

The recognition of World Suicide Prevention Day isn’t to just talk about these statistics but to be ready to take action on matters that could impact people’s families, friends and loved ones. Our team have been working hard this year to provide new courses including ‘Working with Wellbeing’, ‘Stress Awareness’ and finally ‘Health & Safety Management for Construction’. This range of courses all offer a sturdy framework of knowledge to ensure employees know when to take action and how before they become a larger problem. “