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NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation

The one-day NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation course provides the range of skills needed to conduct an unaided investigation of non-complex health and safety incidents.

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Course overview

Accidents can occur in even the safest, best-run and most compliant workplaces. The one-day NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation course provides the range of skills needed to conduct an unaided investigation of non-complex health and safety incidents — also enabling candidates to work as part of a team on larger, more complex investigations.

The course has been developed jointly by the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) and the UK's health and safety regulatory body, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Additionally, it prepares candidates to produce a risk-controlling action plan and implement the plan to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents. 

Classroom Courses & Covid

We continue to operate classroom courses safely throughout the UK, working with our venues to ensure they adhere to strict Covid-secure measures. We use larger training rooms to enable social distancing, follow government guidelines on hand sanitising, facemask wearing and no longer allow a buffet style food service. A copy of our Covid Classroom Risk Assessment is available on request.

Who is this course suitable for?

The NEBOSH HSE accident investigation course is primarily designed for:

  • Anyone who needs to conduct incident investigations
  • Employees, managers and supervisors
  • Health and safety champions
  • Union representatives 
  • Anyone who aspires to become a health and safety professional. 
Please contact the Phoenix team if you work in a health and safety role and need advice on the most appropriate courses.

Course programme

The NEBOSH HSE Incident Investigation course has one main unit, INV1, which is divided into two elements:

INV1 Element 1: understand why incident investigations are carried out and how human and organisational factors contribute to incidents

INV1 Element 2: understand how to investigate incidents and carry out investigations with confidence

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes of the NEBOSH HSE Incident Investigation:

  • Carry out solo investigations for non-complex incidents
  • Contribute to team investigations for more complex incidents
  • Gather and analyse evidence including conducting witness interviews using the internationally approved PEACE model
  • Positively impact the health and safety culture of the organisation
  • Enable the company to undertake day-to-day activities more safely with greater health and safety awareness
  • Produce an action plan to prevent incident recurrence and improve business performance


How long does the NEBOSH HSE Incident Investigation take?

The NEBOSH HSE Incident investigation is a one day course.

Next steps

The most likely step in career development for successful candidates is the NEBOSH National General Certificate.


The NEBOSH HSE Incident Investigation course is completed with a 60-minute practical assessment, based on a hypothetical accident scenario. Candidates are provided with a pack of evidence and shown a video of three witness interviews. They are assessed on their ability to review the evidence, evaluate each interview and produce an action plan to prevent recurrence of the incident described.


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  • When and how will I receive my NEBOSH results?

    Results are notified by NEBOSH after completing the course. NEBOSH send out the results 10-12 weeks after the exams. Your certificates will arrive after the results have been announced.

  • What happens if I fail the NEBOSH assessment?

    The Phoenix Pass Pledge will cover your additional studies, but you retake the exams at your own cost. 
  • What level are NEBOSH qualifications?

    NEBOSH Certificates are level 3, which is equivalent to an A level qualification. NEBOSH Diplomas are level 6, which is equivalent to an Honours Degree.

Why choose a NEBOSH course with Phoenix?

  • Accredited Partner

    Phoenix Health and Safety is a NEBOSH Gold Partner. This accreditation means our NEBOSH course materials, tutors, and learning environments are all stamped with excellence.

  • Expertise

    We are one of the UK's leading providers of training in health and safety. 

    Our tutors and mentors are widely respected for their expertise, experience and ability to provide an enjoyable learning experience. 

  • Student support

    We go the extra mile to make sure our course attendees receive the best possible support, through study guides and student groups.

    Many candidates find our Facebook community group particularly helpful while they are studying, as it enables them to compare notes with fellow students and ask questions.

  • The Phoenix Pass Pledge

    Every Phoenix NEBOSH course entitles you to continue studying free of charge if you fail to meet the required standard in examinations. However, this is rarely necessary. Our pass rate for NEBOSH General Certificate training courses is above industry average, with a high number of credits and distinctions.