Phoenix's dedicated Study Support team

Our students are at the forefront of everything we do at Phoenix, a fact which couldn’t be truer for our Study Support team, who are on hand to assist you during your studies. Every student has access to their services, which include mock exam marking, Q&A webinars and more.  

Every member of the Study Support team is TechIOSH certified with experience studying the same courses our students do. Because of this they know about all the challenges studying can pose, such as stress and exam day worries, as well as how best to help you overcome these challenges and pass your exams first time. 

Along with the Study Support services, students also gain access to a range of E-learning materials they can use to aid their studies. Want to know how to effectively navigate our E-learning platform and get the most out of your online course? Check out our guide here.

Have any questions? Check out FAQs below and Exam FAQs on our NEBOSH page. Or, if you can’t find your answer here, contact the Study Support team.

Meet the Team

Angela Hayden

A chartered member of IOSH, Angie is the Study Support manager and believes in putting health and safety at the forefront of every business. She has health and safety experience and knowledge from a wide range of areas, including management, human resources, training and legislative compliance. 

Emma Weaver

Specialising in supporting NEBOSH National and International Diploma students, Emma was a trainer before becoming a Study Support Advisor, meaning she knows the qualifications as well as anyone could.  

Janieta Campbell

With over 12 years of Health and Safety experience Janieta specialises in supporting students studying our range of NEBOSH Certificates. She’s TechIOSH certified and takes pride in the success of Phoenix students. 

Study Support Services

Pre-Exam Webinars

On the day before each exam, at 6pm UK time, the Study Support team runs webinars where students can join and ask questions about the exam itself or their worries. The team will provide you advice not only on topic areas and exam technique, but how to deal with the stress leading up to the exam so you perform at your best. 


Got a query you can’t find the answer to on our website? Topic or concept from your course not sinking in? Contact Study Support at [email protected]. They’ll provide you with the advice and answers you need to get you back on track with your course. 

Mock Exams

As a part of your course, you may receive mock exams to complete. These will be marked by the Study Support team and returned to you with feedback, advice and tips so you know how to improve your mark for next time. 

Soft Reviews 

If you receive a referral on an OBE exam, you’ll receive a breakdown of where you lost marks from NEBOSH. Although we cannot “mark” the exam again, study support reviews your paper and provide feedback on where and how you lost marks, helping you to improve your exam technique for next time round. 

Study Support FAQs

Still have a question?

If you can't find the answer to your question get in touch

Study Support FAQs

If you are an e-Learning student, in your learning portal, your course has an introduction section. This is your starting point. You need to view the onboarding information and then move onto all the information in this section before moving onto your core reading. For classroom and virtual classroom students, your course tutor will go through this with you on your opening session.

Unfortunately, this is prohibited by NEBOSH as this is classed as a Premark however, there are lots of useful documents to assist you to be successful within your learning resources.

For the OBE (Open Book Exam) examinations, you can request the markers breakdown directly from NEBOSH via [email protected]. For practical assessments, this is released automatically on the following working day. 

Certificates are sent by NEBOSH 20 workings days from the date of declaration to a third-party printer. They are then issued to us where we will then contact you to confirm the postal address. Upon us contacting you they should then be received within three working days. 

This is not always possible, however, if you have submitted all the mock assessments and completed them in full, provide the question paper, answer booklet and the markers breakdown, the Study Support Team will assess this on a case-by-case basis but as an overview review only – each question will not be broken down, only the paper. 

These can be located on your learning portal or via the Study Support Team via [email protected]. Please only use the resources or your submissions could be rejected. 

For the certificate courses, each course has a mini mock and three full mock assessments. For our diploma courses, we have a mini mock and one full assessment per unit now, but these resources are being developed. 

You need to start the mock process once all of the core reading is complete for all of our courses. We advise to allow six weeks for the certificate courses and ten weeks for the diploma courses. Please do not book any examinations until at least 2 mocks are completed for the certificate and one full mock for the Diploma. 

Whilst this is not always guaranteed, we carefully analyse all our examination results and out of 99% of the referred students, these are found to have not completed the mock process in full. 

You must achieve your full qualification within five years from the date of your first examination. You can therefore book your practical assessments when you feel ready. You will need to source a suitable location for your practical assessment prior to booking the examination. 

The Study Support Team are here to support you Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. 

You will be offered the opportunity to transition over to the Study Support Team to continue with the mock process. 

This is a very personal decision which only you will know the answer to.


Firstly, it will depend on whether you feel comfortable and confident and basing your decision on the feedback on the mock paper that you have received from the tutors.

It is advised that you only review the guidance information. NEBOSH can change the examination templates; therefore, we strongly advise waiting to start the actual assessment until you have received the templates as part of the examination package. 

This allows us to give you structured feedback and to help develop your answers overtime by continuous improvement. It also ensures fairness to all students. 

For you to assess your final mark for the mock so that you can establish if this was the real examination what the final mark would be, but it also prevents you becoming stuck onto a question which could be detrimental to your study. We do revisit any questions that were marked less than 60% once all mocks have been completed.

It is recommended that you do use your own place of work as this is the area in which you are the most familiar and will have the knowledge to meet the essential criteria.

You can approach any local businesses or charities.

Yes, you can transfer to any method of learning by contacting our sales teams via [email protected] for UK Students and [email protected] for International students.

Unfortunately, these are only offered for the Diploma courses.