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Euro 2016: Football dives & crimes that shocked the nation

Written by Phoenix Health & Safety
15th June 2016

In light of the Euros, we’ve put together a list of our favourite and most ridiculous dives in the history of football. These players should be taken straight off the pitch and put in an auditioning studio for the next Hollywood blockbuster. 

Nothing like a good old self-inflicted slap in the face. Chile's Bryan Carrasco deliberately grabbed the hand of another player to hit himself in the face (as you do), then ran off holding his head in his hands as though it wasn’t his fault - what a drama queen!


The legend himself, Rivaldo, takes a corner against Turkey in 2002 which resulted in a mere fine of £5,180 (probably 0.01% of his weekly earnings) after he pretended to be whacked in the face - when actually, it was his leg that got hit…


We expect the footballers to put on a show but it’s not often you stumble across the referee joining in with the drama. As you can see from the clip below, the ‘hard’ shove was too much for Paul Alcock to handle - poor guy.


Watching this one in slow mo proves that even players like Morten Gamst Perseden will go to great lengths (face plants) to get extra credit. Surely this must’ve winded him!


Gerrard risks taking a dive against Chelsea in the 70th minute of this game, cheating his way to a yellow card from the ref, to then shake his head as though he’d done nothing wrong – pretty awkward move from a player as reputable as Stevie G.


Ashley Young, another world famous footballer, trips himself up on the pitch then holds his leg in shame after realising no one was there to blame! Classic Ashley.


Although Chelsea are winning in this game, Drogba still chooses to make a scene by pretending he was hit in the nose, when in fact, it was his chest. Obviously a 4-1 win isn’t enough to seal the deal for the blues…


Ronaldo makes a right fool of himself when Lampard starts laughing at the obvious dive he puts on – causing the ref to smirk too. He needs to practise in front of the mirror more often!


To finish off, Louis Suarez bites Italian hard man Georgio Chiellini in the neck so hard that he 'apparently' hurts his teeth in the process... or was it just a love bite?