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How a NEBOSH qualification can help to boost your salary

Written by Phoenix Health & Safety
26th April 2021
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Health and safety is a fast-growing, in-demand profession. Most modern businesses understand the vital importance of building a workplace culture that values employee wellbeing. They know this is a crucial contributor to productivity and keeps the company compliant with the law. 

Every organisation is keen to avoid significant fines and enjoy the positive benefits of a healthy, confident workforce. As a result, there is increasing scope for career advancement in health and safety. 

If you are considering stepping onto the health and safety career ladder, or looking for promotion, acquiring the appropriate NEBOSH (National Educational Board in Occupational Safety and Health) qualifications can be a major boost to your career prospects and salary potential.

But how much impact does health and safety training have? More specifically, what difference can NEBOSH certificates or diplomas make to your earning potential?

Why choose NEBOSH?

NEBOSH conducts a regular Jobs Barometer survey, and the latest research confirms a clear trend. When UK employers advertise health and safety positions, they expect applicants to have relevant professional qualifications, and they perceive the most pertinent to be NEBOSH certificates and diplomas. The facts and statistics from the latest study could not be clearer:

  • 90% of the job advertisements for safety, health and environmental (SHE) roles reviewed specified one or more NEBOSH qualifications — up from 83% in the previous survey
  • 54% of job advertisements specified a NEBOSH diploma
  • 45% of vacancies called for NEBOSH certificate level qualifications, up by 7% from the previous survey
  • 93% of positions asked for some form of NEBOSH qualification 

NEBOSH brings 16% higher salary 

The NEBOSH report analysed nationally advertised safety, health and environmental employment opportunities and found that the average top-end salary for those required to have a NEBOSH diploma was £50,000 per annum. This is a remarkable 16% higher than the amount offered when a NEBOSH diploma wasn’t specified: just £43,000.

In short, if you are looking for the quickest, surest way to maximise your health and safety manager salary, you need to consider studying for a NEBOSH diploma.

What jobs can NEBOSH lead to?

NEBOSH courses are appropriate across various industries and levels of seniority. Those holding or studying towards a NEBOSH qualification could be a Health and Safety Officer, Auditor, Manager or Advisor. If you’re looking for more information, read our guide ‘What jobs can a NEBOSH certificate get you?’.

The Jobs Barometer revealed that construction and civil engineering are the dominant sectors for SHE positions, accounting for 39% of available jobs, followed by manufacturing, property management, retail, utilities and the charitable sector. 


If you’ve been convinced of the career benefits of a NEBOSH course and are ready to take the next step, at Phoenix, we offer a range of study options to suit you.

Entry-level - If you’re just beginning your health and safety journey, look at introductory training courses such as NEBOSH Health and Safety At Work Award or the NEBOSH HSE introduction to Incident Investigation.

Intermediate level - NEBOSH Certificates, including NEBOSH General Certificate, NEBOSH Fire Certificate and NEBOSH Construction Certificate, are widely respected and acknowledged across industries and sectors. Certificate candidates usually have some health and safety responsibilities and experience.

Advanced level - If you are already in a health and safety role and aspire to a more senior position, the bachelor’s degree-level NEBOSH National Diploma is the gold standard for advanced health and safety qualifications. Its global counterpart is the International Diploma.