Phoenix Launches NEBOSH International Diploma e-Learning

24th May 2024

Following the launch of our NEBOSH National Diploma e-Learning course last November, Phoenix is proud to announce that the NEBOSH International Diploma is now available through e-Learning too! Now you can study the global gold standard in health and safety qualifications wherever you are, whenever is best for you. 

Book the NEBOSH International Diploma 

What is the NEBOSH International Diploma? 

Degree equivalent and recognised the world over, the NEBOSH International Diploma is the global standard for health and safety qualifications. It covers all the knowledge and skills needed for a lifelong career in the health and safety industry, wherever you work in the world. Once qualified, students will be eligible for IOSH Certified membership provided they have at least 2 years relevant experience, which comes with its own range of benefits.


What is NEBOSH? 

NEBOSH (the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) is a UK based examination board which creates and accredits globally recognised health and safety qualifications. 93% of employers look for candidates with NEBOSH qualifications when recruiting for health and safety positions, making their Certificates and Diploma the go to courses for those building a career in the industry. Each of their international courses are based on the safety guidelines and standards set out by WHO, so the knowledge and skills they provide are applicable to any workplace, wherever in the world you are working. 


Why study through e-Learning? 

Finding time to study around other commitments is often a major challenge, especially if those commitments involve caring for a relative or a full-time job. Studying your qualification through e-Learning can make it manageable, even if you are in this position. You’ll be able to access your course on any phone, tablet or computer, meaning you can study whenever and wherever suits you best. Your course progress will save wherever you are, meaning you can pick up where you left off every time, no matter what the interruption may be. You’ll also be able to book your exams separately, so there’s no rush to finish your course before a specific date. Not to mention you’ll still have all the support of our Study Support team, who are here for you by phone or email to help with any questions and queries. 

E-Learning Benefits: 

  • Work freely around any commitments 

  • Complete the course at your own pace, booking exams when you feel ready 

  • Phone, computer or tablet, whatever your choice, access your course on any device with an internet connection 

  • Got a question? Just contact the Study Support Team by phone or email, they’ll be happy to help! 



Diploma e-Learning Structure 

The NEBOSH International Diploma is divided into three core units. Each one can be completed separately and is assessed independently, with a certificate provided upon passing the exam for each unit. The units are divided into 'Know' and 'Do', covering what a health and safety professional must know and do in the workplace respectively. 

  • DI1 – Know – workplace health and safety principles  

  • DI2 – Do – controlling workplace health issues  

  • DI3 – Do – controlling workplace safety issues 

The units can be completed in any order, giving you maximum flexibility over your studies. 


Transition from Distance Learning to e-Learning 

Those already studying the NEBOSH international Diploma through Distance Learning will be enrolled on our e-Learning course at no extra cost. If you don't already have an account for our e-learning platform you'll be sent a link to log in, where your e-Learning course will be waiting.  

You'll still be free to use your textbook if you prefer and can even go between the two. Plus, if you want to swap to the e-Learning course, you won't have to redo any lessons or activities. The whole course is accessible from the start, so just pick up where you last left off in your textbook and enjoy your studies. 


Study the NEBOSH International Diploma online today 

If you want to start your lifelong career in health and safety, studying the NEBOSH International Diploma online is the way to go. Flexible and affordable, the course is the ideal qualification with which to take your first steps into the ever-growing safety industry, wherever in the world you work. 

Book the NEBOSH International Diploma for £1250 plus VAT. 

For residents in South Africa, book here for just 20,995,00 Rand plus VAT. 

Have a question about the NEBOSH International Diploma or our e-Learning courses and want to find out more? Speak to a member of our team today. 

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