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Phoenix Health & Safety Provides Free Stress Awareness Courses to Support Businesses

Written by Phoenix Health & Safety
13th August 2021
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As well as minimising the risks associated with physical wellbeing, employers are responsible for protecting the mental health of their employees. This includes stress associated with work.

Mental health issues have increased by 5% in the UK in the last year alone, and with it so have sickness absence rates.  As absence due to a mental health issue can take up to 7.5 times longer to recover from in comparison to physical sickness, businesses are increasingly prioritising the wellbeing of their workforce to ensure productivity and employee happiness is at a high standard.

One of the main issues SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) face is the growing costs associated with funding professional mental health and stress awareness courses that offer management and HR teams essential training to support employees through strenuous times.

Phoenix Health & Safety want to support businesses across the UK that may need extra support in helping create a safer working environment for their employees.

By giving away free stress awareness training courses to 250 businesses, Phoenix Health & Safety pledges to make Britain a safer place to work, no matter the industry you work in. 

What does a Stress Awareness course include? 

Stress Awareness in the Workplace is an e-learning course that covers the following topics:

·        The definition of stress.

·        Common symptoms.

·        Common causes.

·        Roles and responsibilities of staff members.

·        Information that can be downloaded.

·        Interactive resources.

·        Final assessment and certificate upon completion.

There will be a multiple-choice assessment at the end of the course to test your knowledge and you will receive your results immediately after. 

The course will provide knowledge on how to identify and prevent stress in the workplace before leading to ill health.

Who is it for? 

The course is intended for managers, supervisors and employees to help them identify and prevent the causes of stress before it leads to ill-health.

Who can claim a free course?  

Any business in the UK can apply for access to a free stress awareness course for their team. As an e-learning course, these can be done completely remotely.  Only one application per business will be permitted.

This offer has now ended with all places for the Free Stress Awareness course taken.