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Track and Trace App – Have you downloaded it?

Written by Phoenix Health & Safety
30th September 2020

The NHS Track and Trace app is now available and has already had millions of downloads. Here’s a summary of what the app does and where you can access it.

Phoenix is committed to returning to classroom training whilst ensuring the safety of our students and trainers. If you choose to download the Track and Trace app, it can provide you with useful alerts if you’ve unwittingly come into close contact with someone who later tests positive for Covid. It doesn’t do anything to reduce the risk of you getting Covid however, and that’s why we’re working closely with our venues to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and appropriate social distancing.

Back to the app and the information The app gives you some valuable information: the first thing that you see is the risk level for the area you’re in.  It then gives you more information about what this means, detailing the risk level in your local and neighbouring authority area and whether the level of infection is rising.

The app then has five areas to explore:

Venue Check in – This allows you to scan in the QR code when you check into a venue

Check Symptoms – Where you select any symptoms you may have and then you get the corresponding advice on what to do

Read the latest advice – This takes you to the website where you can get all the up to date advice on how to protect yourself and others; testing, local restrictions etc.

About this app – tells you about how the app works and the technology behind it and how your data is used

Enter test results – here you enter a test code, which you will receive from the testing service by e-mail or SMS with your test result.  Although, if you booked the test from the app then the results will appear automatically.

Then at the bottom there is a button where you can turn off the tracing and you can choose for it to remind you when you want it turning back on 4, 8 or 12 hours.  Or not to remind you at all.

And, of course, this is voluntary so you can delete the app.

For more information about the Covid-19 App, visit the NHS website.