Health and Safety Policy

If a company employs five or more members of staff, health and safety policies are a legal requirement. The health and safety policy of a company should consist of three main divisions:

  • The Statement of Intent (company goals, objectives and targets for health and safety)
  • Organisational Responsibilities (the duties of management and employees).
  • Arrangements for Implementation (what measures the company will take to achieve their aims). This is business specific and should include the existing health and safety issues onsite.

As stated by The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974), a company’s health and safety policies must be frequently reviewed and assessed, and all employees must be fully informed of any changes that have been made at any time.

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Here at Phoenix HSC, we can help you devise a new health and safety policy for your company, or renew an existing one. Our health and safety policy statement provides you with easy-to-read, concise documents that cut through the red tape. With our professional experience and expertise, we can identify the specific health and safety procedures your company requires to adhere to each section of the policy.

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