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Exam Prices for Phoenix students:

1 x Written exam (GC2, FC1, NCC1, EC1): £99 exc. VAT

Practical exam (own workplace) (EC2, FC2, GC3, NCC2): £50 exc. VAT

Oil & Gas Certificate (IOG1): £120 exc. VAT

Open Book Exam (NG1, IG1, NGC1, IGC1): £120 exc. VAT

New syllabus practical exam (NG2 IG2): £85 exc. VAT

NEBOSH Diploma Enrolment Fee: £60

NEBOSH Diploma exam fee per unit: £135 excl. VAT

NEBOSH Diploma unit DNI exam: £99 excl. VAT

Exam Prices for Non-Phoenix students:

NEBOSH Certificate 1 x written exam: £199 exc. VAT

NEBOSH Certificate practical exam (own workplace): £150 exc. VAT

NEBOSH Diploma 1 x written exam: £199 exc. VAT

NEBOSH Diploma 1 x Unit D exam NO SUPPORT PROVIDED: £199 exc. VAT

NEBOSH Diploma Transfer provider request: £50 exc. VAT

NEBOSH Diploma Revision Workshops (per unit): £150 exc.VAT

NEBOSH Open Book Exam (NG, IG, NGC1, IGC1) x 1: £200 exc. VAT

Please Note:

National General Certificate 2014 syllabus dates - Includes NGC1, GC2 and GC3
National General Certificate new syllabus dates - Includes NG1, NG2

International General Certificate 2014 syllabus dates - Includes IGC1, GC2 and GC3
International General Certificate new syllabus dates - Includes IG1, IG2

National Construction Certificate dates - Includes NGC1, NCC1 and NCC2
Fire Certificate dates - Includes FC1 and FC2
Environmental Certificate – Includes EC1 and EC2

**You will need to contact Phoenix if they want to book on the International Construction Certificate - ICC2

The following diploma dates are available, please contact the Phoenix sales team to book a date. 

Diploma exams
UNIT A 12th January 2021
UNIT B 13th January 2021
UNIT C 14th January 2021
UNIT A 6th July 2021
UNIT B 7th July 2021
UNIT C 8th July 2021
DNI Submission dates
24th February 2021
26th May 2021
25th August 2021
24th November 2021

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Exam Details


If you wish to book exams or modules but you cannot see the dates above then please contact us to find out more.

National General Certificate Exams
  • NGC1- Written Exam
  • GC2- Written Exam
  • GC3- Practical
National Construction Certificate Exams
  • NGC1- Written Exam
  • NCC1- Written Exam
  • NCC2- Practical
Fire Certificate
  • FC1- Written Exam
  • FC2- Practical
Environment Certificate
  • EC1- Written Exam
  • EC2- Practical Exam
International General Certificate
  • IGC1- Written Exam
  • GC2- Written Exam
  • GC3- Practical
National Diploma
  • Unit A- Written Exam
  • Unit B- Written Exam
  • Unit C- Written Exam
  • Unit D- Practical Submission
International Diploma
  • Unit IA- Written Exam
  • Unit IB- Written Exam
  • Unit IC- Written Exam
  • Unit ID- Practical Submission
International Construction Certificate
  • IGC1- Written Exam
  • ICC1- Written Exam
  • ICC2- Practical
International Technical Certificate in Oil & Gas Operational Safety
  • IOG1- Written Exam

Candidate Details

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 3 - 5 March
 7 - 9 June
 18 - 20 Oct
 22 - 24 Nov

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Course Content

Following on from your NEBOSH training course, you will need to complete your NEBOSH exams in order to receive your certificate.

There are a number of different NEBOSH qualifications available. These include specialist certificates for the construction industry. We can help you to book the correct exams for your specific needs, and find you a date and location that is convenient for you.

We can provide a comprehensive list of NEBOSH exam dates. You can choose from a selection of NEBOSH exams at a variety of locations across the UK. Exam centres include Southampton, London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Walsall, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Cambridge and Washington.

As well as providing NEBOSH exams in the UK, we can also provide NEBOSH exams in South Africa.  You can sit the exams in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

PLEASE NOTE - All NEBOSH exams taken in the UK must be booked and paid in full 4 weeks before the date of the exam. South African exams must be booked and paid in full 8 weeks before the date of the exam.

We do accept later bookings, although it is important to note that there may be additional fees.  If you submit a late exam booking and have missed the NEBOSH exam cut-off date, payment of late exam registration fees will be chargeable in order to register your exams.

Booking Your NEBOSH Exams

You can book an NEBOSH exam by simply completing the booking form above. We are confident that you’ll find an exam date to suit you, but if not don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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