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Firms face unlimited fines following immigrant's death at detention centre

Written by Phoenix Health & Safety
5th April 2017
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Five years after the tragic incident in which 31 year old Prince Fosu was found dead on the floor of his cell in Harmondsworth Detention Centre, GEO Group UK Ltd and Nestor Primecare Services face prosecution under health and safety laws.

GEO ran the centre at the time, and Nestor was responsible for the healthcare of detainees. Prince Fosu was an immigrant from Ghana who had outstayed his visa and was booked on a flight out of Britain the following week. 

The two companies are alleged to have failed to take reasonable care of health and safety, in breach of section 3 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The maximum penalty if convicted is an unlimited fine. 

Kate Maynard, solicitor for Fosu’s family, said: “Prince’s family welcomes the CPS decision to prosecute the private contractors who were responsible for Prince’s welfare while he was detained at Harmondsworth... They look forward to hearing the testimony of staff, clinicians and managers as to how Prince was treated in their care, and understanding the circumstances in which he died.”