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Holiday apartments owner fined for serious fire safety breaches.

Written by Phoenix Health & Safety
1st March 2022

For students studying the Fire Certificate, a case involving a holiday apartments owner and his company Au Bord De La Mer has been fined for failing to put suitable fire safety measures in one of its properties.

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Students should recognise the failings concerning the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. 

The main failings were that the door into the flat was not fitted with a self-closing device, which allowed the fire to spread rapidly. Other issues found during the investigation were no records or evidence of proper maintenance of the fire alarm or emergency lighting systems; the alarm was switched off and was the wrong type of alarm and did not work. These are all fundamentals for a robust Emergency, Preparedness and Response procedure.


The main findings from the investigation were that there was no fire risk assessment in place for the premises, which, as you know from your studies, is a legal requirement under the RRFSO 2005. With no fire risk assessment means that hazards and risks are not identified and cannot be controlled.


The most worrying aspect of this is that the “responsible person” had attempted to put in place a company to manage these emergency arrangements; however, due to financial reasons, this did not happen, leaving the occupants, building and company at risk. Here you have both the moral, legal and financial arguments that you need to answer questions regarding the reasons for Fire Safety Management and the justification for implementing adequate, and let’s say basic, control measures as a minimum. 

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