Phoenix launches NEBOSH Diploma e-Learning

Written by Katie Keeble
10th November 2023

The NEBOSH Diploma is the gold standard in health and safety qualifications, with graduates recognised the world over for their safety knowledge and expertise. You can now study the Diploma through online with Phoenix, working at your own pace wherever and whenever.

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What is the NEBOSH Diploma?

A degree equivalent health and safety qualification, the NEBOSH Diploma is internationally recognised for giving students the safety knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the industry. Comprising 3 separate units, the Diploma covers a wide range of topics, from risk assessments to developing health and safety policy. Those who graduate from the Diploma do so well-equipped to apply their knowledge in a professional role, and also become eligible for IOSH Certified Membership, provided they have at least 2 years of relevant industry experience.

What is NEBOSH?

As the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, NEBOSH provides globally recognised health and safety qualifications to students. Their courses are designed based on current legislation and leading safety practices, making them highly desirable for those working in the safety industry. In fact, 93% of employees look for a NEBOSH qualification when recruiting for a health and safety position, so they’re the way to go if you’re aiming for a lifelong career in the industry.

What is e-Learning?

Also known as online learning, e-Learning is a method of study which allows students to study where and when suits them best. E-Learning courses are accessed through our e-Learning platform, where you’ll have access to all the course materials and resources available. You can pause and resume any section of your studies, giving you flexibility to learn around other commitments. All you need is a phone, tablet or computer connected to the internet.

Our e-Learning courses include interactive activities and case studies for you to work through, all designed to provide an engaging and enjoyable learning experience. All our e-Learning students also have access to our dedicated Study Support team, who can be contacted by phone, email or livechat with questions and queries that you may have about your course. They’ll also be on hand to provide study tips and advice as you work towards your exams.

E-Learning Benefits:

  • Work flexibly around your schedule

  • Progress in your own time and book exams when you’re ready

  • Access your course from any device

  • Study Support are on hand to answer any questions and provide study tips

Diploma e-Learning Structure

Designed to be interactive and engaging, the NEBOSH Diploma e-Learning course includes webinars, case studies, videos, and knowledge tests. The course is split into three main units:

  • DN1

  • DN2

  • DN3

Each one of these is split into different sections, covering 11 elements in total, broken up into a series of lessons by topic. You’ll also have access to mock exams which are marked by our Study Support Team and returned with feedback, so you can hone your exam technique as you progress.

Transition from Distance Learning to e-Learning:

If you’re already studying the NEBOSH Diploma through distance learning, you’ll gain access to the e-Learning course at no extra cost. All you have to do is login to the Phoenix e-Learning platform, and you’ll have access to the course.

The e-Learning course is voluntary if you’re a distance learner, so you can still use the textbook if you prefer. If you do choose to do the e-Learning, you won’t have to redo any content. For example, if you’ve already passed the DN1 exam, you won’t need to complete any of DN1 to progress to DN2. You can also skip any lessons if you’re halfway through a particular learning objective. However, you’ll still have access to all the content, so if you do want to revisit a previous lesson you can.

Study your NEBOSH Diploma online today

Whether you’re a previous distance learner looking forward to an enhanced learning experience, or are starting your Diploma for the first time, the NEBOSH Diploma online course provides all the resources you need for an enjoyable and engaging learning experience. If e-Learning isn’t your preferred learning method, you can book the Diploma in the classroom or virtual classroom. Or, if you have a question about the Diploma and our courses, you can speak to a member of the team today.