Choosing a health and safety course

What is IOSH training and which course is right for you?

Written by Phoenix Health & Safety
7th January 2021

As one of the UK’s leading providers of health and safety training, we offer a comprehensive range of courses from the major providers. These include three different courses developed and certificated by IOSH.

What is IOSH?

IOSH stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. It is internationally respected as the world’s most prominent membership organisation for health and safety professionals, and has 47,000 members across 130 countries. In 2017, more than 179,000 people attended more than 15,000 IOSH courses in 74 countries. 

However, providing professional development qualifications is only one aspect of what IOSH does. It also aims to raise and maintain standards, acting as a leading worldwide voice for the profession. Activities include promoting a code of conduct, as well as campaigning on safety and health issues that affect millions of lives. IOSH is committed to ensuring that workplaces and working practices are safe, healthy, and sustainable globally.

Which IOSH course should I take?

Our three different IOSH courses are tailored to suit employees at various stages of their career. 

IOSH Working Safely is a one-day entry-level course, suitable for all employees who are not in management roles, including junior staff. In-house and e-learning options are available from Phoenix. The course provides a basic understanding of the health and safety issues employees require to do their day-to-day job safely. This enables employers to create a healthy, productive workplace culture.

IOSH Managing Safely is the most popular IOSH course. Phoenix offer E-learning, classroom and in-house training options, with classroom taking three days to complete. Designed for employees at management level, it provides a more in-depth understanding of health and safety issues required by employees with supervisory responsibilities. 

We also offer the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course. This enables candidates who already have the Managing Safely qualification to update their knowledge and awareness. We are often asked “how long does an IOSH qualification last?”, and the answer is that they never expire. However, regulations, standards and practices are continually changing, so most professionals understand the importance of occasional updates. IOSH recommend refreshing the Managing Safely qualification every three years.

IOSH Leading Safely is a 4-hour in-house course, designed for senior managers and directors. It provides them with a strategic overview of health and safety policy from a leadership perspective, and how it feeds into their corporate responsibilities. The Leading Safely course is tailored to the organisation and is a facilitated discussion on the strategic importance of health and safety.

Why choose an IOSH course?

IOSH has been providing health and safety courses and qualifications since its formation in 1945. In that time, it has developed a distinctive and well-rounded approach to training. Although they differ in many ways, all the IOSH courses we provide share some common features:
  • Each IOSH course provides essential insights for candidates, with both written and practical assessments. 
  • IOSH courses also offer practical tools that enable individuals and organisations to create safer, healthier working environments – helping employers to minimise sickness absence, improve productivity, and deliver a variety of positive business benefits. 

How does IOSH membership work?

Gaining an IOSH qualification does not automatically make you a member, but it does make you eligible to join. Becoming an IOSH member can make you more attractive to employers, so it is well worth considering if you have ambitions in the health and safety sector. 
As your career progresses, you can move up the IOSH membership ladder, which has six levels:
  • Affiliate Membership, open to everyone who pays the membership fee.
  • Associate Membership (AIOSH), open to anyone who has completed a diploma-level health and safety qualification.
  • Technical Membership (TechIOSH), mainly for employees who work full or part-time in a health and safety role, and are participating in a continuous professional development (CPD) programme.
  • Graduate Membership (GradIOSH), open to those who have completed an IOSH-accredited degree-level qualification.
  • Chartered Membership (CMIOSH), considered profession’s gold standard.
  • Chartered Fellow, recognised as the pinnacle of the health and safety profession.

Ready to book an IOSH course?

Along with IOSH, we are very keen to nurture the next generation of health and safety professionals at Phoenix. For full details and costs, visit our IOSH courses page.  If you have any questions or need advice about getting onto the IOSH membership ladder, feel free to contact our expert team at any time on 0345 500 8811.