Manual Handling Awareness Training

By taking Phoenix’s Manual Handling Awareness training, employees in your organisation will learn effective techniques for lifting and carrying, helping them do so safely and promoting a positive health and safety culture in the workplace.

What is Phoenix's Manual Handling Awareness Training?

Under the Manual Handling Regulations 1992 (MHOR), it is the legal duty of all employees to supply sufficient manual handling training to their employees. The law outlines requirements for handling animals, people, boxes and packages in order to ensure proper technique is performed. 

Even without such regulations, employers have an interest in providing manual handling training for staff who have lifting and carrying responsibilities. According to the HSE, more than 20 percent of all non-fatal workplace injuries in the UK are caused by incorrect handling, lifting and carrying. Most are musculoskeletal injuries, which are the third most common cause of absence from work, exceeded only by stress and colds/flu. Therefore, by providing sufficient training employers can protect their employees from injury and reduce absence rates. 

Phoenix’s Manual Handling Awareness training course helps organisations fulfil this requirement, teaching proper handling technique to employees who have a responsibility to handle, lift and carry items. 

Employers who book groups of employees for Phoenix health and safety e-learning short courses can make significant savings: 

  • Buy 25+ for £19.95 per candidate  

  • Buy 50+ for £17.95 per candidate 

  • Buy 100+ for £15.95 per candidate 

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Learning options

2 learning types available

Benefits for Employers 

  • Demonstrate your commitment to proper health and safety practice in your workplace

  • Reduce absence due to workplace accident or injury, increasing employee productivity

  • Provide employees with effective safety training, in line with safety legislation

Benefits for Learners 

  • Learn best practice for manual handling, minimising risk of accident and injury

  • Help promote a positive health and safety culture in your place of work

  • Develop manual handling skills to reduce back strain such as correct posture and positioning

Pass rates   

With pass rates for our short courses above industry average, Phoenix provides the tools you need to succeed when studying Health and Safety. 

Designed by the Experts   

Each of our short online courses are designed by our experts according to leading health and safety legislation, providing candidates with the information they need in clear and concise courses.  

Student Approved   

Phoenix provides an unbeatable service to thousands taking health and safety courses each year, which has earned us a 4.9/5-star rating on Trustpilot. 

Phoenix's Manual Handling Awareness Training is suitable for anyone whose duties include working at height. This includes employees who supervise others working at height.

Relevant professions and industries include:

  • Construction

  • Warehouses and factories

  • Tradespeople

  • Scaffolders

  • Window fitters

  • Office workers

The duration of Phoenix’s Manual Handling Awareness Training course depends on the method of study:

When studied in-house, the course duration is half a day.

When studied through E-Learning, we recommend spending between 30 and 50 minutes on the course. 

The Manual Handling Awareness Training course covers the following topics:

  • Definition of manual handling

  • The manual handling problem

  • Manual handling law

  • Avoiding manual handling

  • Reducing risks from manual handling

  • Manual handling risk factors, including TILE (task, individual, load and environment)

  • Structure, function and anatomy of the spine

  • Common manual handling injuries

  • Advice for sufferers of back pain

  • Safe lifting technique

  • Safe pushing and pulling technique

The Learning outcomes of the Phoenix Manual Handling Awareness Course are:

  • How to lift safely 

  • Use correct lifting techniques and correct bad postural habits 

  • Understand the consequences of unsafe manual handling 

  • Understand how to carry out risk assessment to reduce risk 

  • Be compliant with the relevant legislation 

The assessment for the Manual Handling Awareness training course differs based on the method of study.

E-Learning Assessment:

When studied through e-Learning, the course is assessed via a multiple-choice test.

After completing the course and assessment, a confirmation of results is available immediately.

This certificate can be printed or saved as proof of completion.

Should a candidate fail the assessment, it can be retaken at no extra cost.

Please note: When studying through e-Learning, you have 12 months to complete the course from day of purchase.

In-house Assessment:

When studied through in-house learning, an assessment can be carried out on request.

After completing the course, a confirmation of results is available immediately.

Certificates will then be mailed to the workplace or directly to delegates as proof of completion.

Upon completing the Phoenix Manual Handling Awareness training course, many successful candidates study additional short courses with Phoenix in order to further their knowledge of health and safety, as well as key legislation. Suitable courses include:   

  • What happens if I fail the E-learning assessment?

You can retake the assessment at no additional cost.

  • When and how will I receive my results and certificate?

Once you complete the course and assessment, a confirmation of results is available immediately. This certificate can be printed or saved as proof of completion.

  • How long do I have to complete the E-Learning course?

You have 12 months from date of purchase to complete the course.

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