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HSE split Great Britain's workplaces into 19 sectors

Written by Phoenix Health & Safety
3rd February 2022

HSE have split Great Britain's workplaces into 19 sectors, based on industry type and risk profile. 

This plan covers the current position, priorities and what HSE will do to help Great Britain work well.

For each sector there is:

  • a plan covering its health and safety performance
  • identified the top three strategic priorities for the next three to five years
  • actions we propose to take

We chose the Chemicals sector as an example to advise you of the content you could expect to see, which stated the below information with a link to PDF document, which you can access by clicking on the link below:

Chemicals (PDF)

Sector plan for health and safety in chemicals

This sector covers chemicals manufacture, product formulation and supply, refineries, and storage of hazardous substances. As well as a range of health and safety at work risks from machinery, equipment and substances in use, the processes and quantities of hazardous substances involved present the potential for major incidents.

There are also potential risks to human health and the environment in the industrial and domestic use of chemical products. Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing employs around 245 000 people and contributes around £23 billion to the economy.

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