DSE Assessor Training

The DSE Assessor Training course trains staff to understand the legal requirements and identify risks posed to employees from overuse of computer screens, allowing them to conduct effective DSE evaluations in the workplace.

What is Phoenix's Display Screen Equipment Assessor Training?

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 requires employers to give suitable safety training to users of computers and other types of display screen equipment (DSE). 

Phoenix’s DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessor course trains staff to evaluate the safety of the many employees who work with a computer screen, helping them avoid issues such as eye strain, headaches and back problems. They also learn how to manage these DSE related health risks among their workforce, facilitating safe practices for your employees. 

Learning options

1 learning type available

Benefits for Employers 

  • Improve productivity through reduced time off due to workplace accident or injury

  • Demonstrate your commitment to employee health and providing a safe workplace

  • Promote a positive health and safety culture in your workplace which encourages proper DSE practices

Benefits for Learners 

  • Learn how to reduce the risk of injury when working with display screen equipment

  • Improve the health and safety culture of your workplace by encouraging peers to conduct best practice

  • Gain the skills to perform risk assessments and checks on Display Screen Equipment and workstations

Pass rates  

Phoenix is one of the UK’s leading health and safety providers, with above industry average pass rates for our one-day health and safety courses, as well as a 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot.  

Designed by the Experts  

Each of our in-house courses are designed by our experts to be in line with leading health and safety legislation, providing candidates with the information they need in straight to the point courses.  

Student support  

We go the extra mile to make sure our course attendees receive the best possible support through engaging, interactive content and compact modules to keep learners attention focused for the course duration. 

This course is suitable for anyone required to deliver or conduct display screen equipment assessments, especially those with line management responsibilities, supervisors, or operational personnel delivering new staff induction.

The DSE Assessor training course is a one-day course which can be studied in your workplace.

The Display Screen Equipment Assessor course covers the following topics:

  • Reasons for managing health and safety – moral, economic and legal.

  • Legal requirements for display screen equipment risk assessment.

  • Adverse health effects from working with display screen equipment.

  • Setting up a workstation, keying in, using a mouse and reading the screen.

  • Posture and breaks.

  • Risk assessment and workstation assessment.

  • Control measures.

The learning outcomes of the Display Screen Equipment Assessors course are:

  • To equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to be able to carry out display screen equipment assessments effectively.

Upon completing the Phoenix DSE Assessor Training course, many successful candidates study additional courses with Phoenix in order to further their knowledge of health and safety. Suitable courses include:

  • When and how will I receive my certificate?

Once you complete the course, a confirmation of results is available immediately. This certificate can be mailed to your business or directly to course delegates.                

  • Is the Phoenix Display Screen Equipment Assessor course assessed?                             

The course is not assessed, however on request an assessment can be produced and delivered at the end of the course.

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